We are looking for diverse programmers for both generalist technical gamedesign and also specializations in the fields of shaders, sound, implementation of technologies (VR, input programming, etc).

Must have strong C++ and/or strong visual programming skills


On-site // Remote
Are you interested in working in our team making a legendary flight simulator product, but you don’t exactly fit all the boxes?

Entropy.Aero offers internships where you can take part in the development on a multitude of levels, growing up to become a talented professional as you find the branch of the studio that you wish to specialise in, with a hiring opportunity at the conclusion of the internship.

We can take internships for art, game design, research, engineering and programming.

That’s all the positions we have to offer for now. Thanks for coming by.

About our positions:

• All positions at Entropy.Aero require fluent english.

• All positions at Entropy.Aero have fully flexible schedules and versatile contracts ranging from freelance to part time to full-time.

• Entropy.Aero is open to internships and part time collaborations as well as outsourcing or external partners.